An Expert Approach to Reset Computer's Hard Drive


Corruption in hard drive is very common, which leads to slower computer speed. This slow computer speed further prevents you to work with the same pace and same efficiency and thus affect your work task. Virus can destruct your entire Operating System at once. If you come across any such problem, then you can resolve it by reformatting the hard drive. The time you reformat the hard drive everything deletes, even the Operating System also. This creates a need for you to install a new Operating System on your system, after which you feel like that you are running a new system again.

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See How Easily You Can Reset Hard Drive


  • Most important thing you are required to do is to Backup crucial and personal data on some storage device like an external hard drive or a DVD-R. You must remember that formatting will erase everything on the hard drive.
  • Collect your entire manufacturer driver disks that came with your PC hardware. For instance, many video cards need additional drivers to enable advanced features.
  • Collect your entire software installation disks, programs or applications that you use, need to be reinstalled, after you reset your hard drive.
  • Next, load the Operating System installation disk into the CD/DVD drive; and then restart the computer.
  • Select, to permit the Operating System to format, and partition the hard drive with the default settings. You can adopt manual method, if you are aware of partitioning a hard drive.
  • Choose user name and password when prompted. For the sake of security it is important to set up an administrative account
  • Now, wait for the installation process to get completed; after the completion of installation process you can remove the installation disk and restart the computer. Load the Operating System, and then log in with your new account.
  • Lastly, install additional hardware drivers and programs using the installation disks you gathered. Load your personal data and files into the new Operating System from the external storage media.

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