Who We Are?

There is nothing more crucial than successfully handling data loss situations in order to recover crucial data safely. However, resolving critical data recovery cases, might be complicated and time consuming. This is where We can assist.

The company is a leading provider of advanced technology which includes revolutionized the methods of data recovery with excellent and simple software services. For recovering data from numerous physical crashed like: failure of hard drive, bad sector on disk surface and other problem has been successfully solved by our engineers.


Our Motive

To provide large number of quality products, and solutions so that our customers can successfully recover their data efficiently with 100% of satisfaction. We will always ensure to deliver you most beneficial data recovery products at reasonable cost.


290,000 Customers

More than 250,000 clients in a wide range of organizations have Chosen our products to get back their data


90 Countries

Our strong partner environment grows to consumers in more than 90 countries around the world


24x7 Assistance

Our award winning support service centers are available at 24/7 to give assistance our customers globally

Our Technology Partners